Change You Can’t Believe

The lies began even before President Barack Obama started speaking. The introductory video claimed that Obama had been affected–and roused to action–by “watching [his] mother die.” Obama, while very emotive about his mother, neglected to visit her before she died of cancer–a mistake he admitted and regretted. Yet he has repeatedly lied about her in his speeches, including the lie that she died without health insurance.

In the speech itself, Obama told the nation that he ran for President because he “saw that basic bargain slipping away,” that “by 2008 we had seen nearly a decade in which families struggled with costs that kept rising but paychecks that didn’t.” In fact, until the last few months of 2008, Americans had enjoyed a rising and widely-shared prosperity that contrasts sharply with the high unemployment and low paychecks of Obama’s term.

Obama continued with the half-truth that he has “cut taxes for those who need it,” but he has also raised taxes on the middle class, including the taxes in Obamacare. He then lied flagrantly about the proposals of his opponents, suggesting that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had proposed “firing teachers” and “kicking students off financial aid.” There is no basis for that claim; in fact their policies would do, and have done, the opposite.



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