Carney Spews a Load of BS

So back in 2008 when he was a Democrat with a byline instead of the press secretary, he said that Obama’s bitter clinger comment was not good, he’s got a problem, and a reporter asked him about it. He said, “Is it time to bring up your April 14th column from 2008 when you said Obama’s words were poorly chosen?” And Carney said, “I don’t remember that column.” So, I mean, it’s just a revolving door. In 2008, he’s the bureau chief for TIME Magazine, supposedly a journalist to tell us what we don’t know is going on. He’s just a Democrat with a byline in 2008, and he got a promotion.

Once Obama won, he became Biden’s press secretary, and then they eventually figured out — two things happened. Gibbs got fed up, Robert Gibbs, and wanted to move on to the private sector and make some money while he had time. They needed a replacement for Gibbs. They figured Carney had really paid his dues, having worked for Biden a couple years, so they promoted him to be the press secretary for Obama. And when this is done, he’s gonna be back at TIME Magazine or some so-called journalism outfit ostensibly being an objective journalist or a bureau chief or whatever again. And they all do this with a straight face, thinking nobody notices. They’re just clean and pure as the wind-driven snow, purely objective, when it’s all a game, folks, it’s all a game.



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