But… He Killed Bin Laden!

President Obama’s central foreign policy accomplishment, according to his campaign, is the killing of Osama Bin Laden. And it’s quite an accomplishment: finding a man hidden halfway around the globe, ensconced among his multiple wives, with no access to the outside world, protected by local Pakistani security forces, wielding little or no power.

Meanwhile, however, other things were going on the world. So let’s try to balance President Obama’s foreign policy record over the last four years.

An American diplomat’s body lies dead in Benghazi, Libya and the American embassy smolders there today. But Obama killed Bin Laden!

Libya itself has fallen into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood after President Obama allowed rebel Islamists to depose cruel but unilaterally-disarmed dictator Muammar Qadaffi. But, hey, Bin Laden’s dead!



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