Be Confident! The Election is About Obama

You might have read, if you read blogs, or you watch television, you might have heard conservatives in some cases, say something along the lines of this: I don’t think Obama’s up ten or 12 points anywhere, but I do think he’s winning. I don’t think there’s any question. I think Obama’s leading this race. I don’t think there’s any question about it.

You sit there, you watch this, and you either tend to agree with it or ask yourself, the TV, why do you think that? And nobody ever answers. It’s a fascinating thing to me. People will disavow the poll that says Obama’s up ten, 12, whatever, in this swing state or that. “No, that can be right. He’s not up ten or 12, but I think he is winning. I think he’s winning, Bob. He is winning, Dana. Yeah, Greg, I gotta tell you, Angela ‘Tarantula,’ he’s winning.”

Why do they think that?

I think they really do believe it. I think people that say it believe it, and I don’t necessarily believe they’re fatalists. You know why they believe it? It’s real simple. They think the Romney campaign is a dud. The Romney campaign is not exciting them, so they don’t think the Romney campaign’s exciting anybody. They think Romney’s not going after Obama nearly enough. They don’t think Romney’s doing anything memorable in the campaign. Not a day goes by that people say, “Wow, did you hear what Mitt said today?” That hasn’t happened. There’s no apparent real energy coming out of the Romney campaign, despite all the crowds he’s drawing. So I think people, honestly, in their own minds, are legitimately thinking Obama’s winning because they think the Romney campaign’s so dull.



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