Barack Obama: Serial Liar

Obama and his administration, everybody in it, Jay Carney and the media supporting him, have lied to us for over a week about what led to the death of our ambassador in Libya. They have lied repeatedly over and over, and they continue to. They continue to lie about this movie. In fact, folks, I’m gonna tell you something. Barack Obama is a serial liar, and I think it’s time to call him out on this.

You know, this “nice guy” stuff and playing it close to the vest is one thing. But some things actually need to be said here, truthful, hard-hitting things, and I’m the one to say them, and today’s gonna be the day. So sit tight, hang in there, and be tough. They have lied to us for a week about this video. Obama went to the UN yesterday and made most of his speech or quite a large part of his speech about this video, which even now nobody has ever seen. All they’re doing is promoting it. All they’re doing is giving others who want to be agitated by it an excuse it be.

So Ann Curry is talking to the president of Libya today, Mohammed Magarief, and she said, “What is your evidence that it was a preplanned act of terrorism?” This guy’s out there saying it wasn’t the video, so here comes Ann Curry, representing the media, (imitating Curry) “What do you mean? We’ve been told it’s a video. Our president said it’s a video. Who are you? You’re just the Libyan president. What evidence do you have?” That’s what she said, that was her question, “What is your evidence that it was a preplanned act of terrorism?”



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