An All-Out Media Onslaught to Dispirit You

My question is, why is Obama still campaigning? Could somebody explain that to me. Everywhere I look, this election’s over. Why, Obama has hit 50% approval in the polls now for the first time ever. The bounce out of that disaster of a convention was unprecedented, other than Dukakis who had a 17-point lead after his, and somehow he lost. Brit Hume said today on Fox, “Well, you know, you gotta keep in mind the guy leading in the polls in mid-September rarely loses.” Ever heard of Dukakis? Ever heard of Jimmy Carter? And now Public Policy Polling has a poll out saying Obama’s at 50% in Ohio. They’re closing the gap. They’re gonna win Ohio now. Except Obama might lose New Mexico. New Mexico is still in play. They’re not telling you that. But why’s Obama still raising money? Why is he still campaigning, if this is over?

Folks, this is so predictable. The campaign to depress you and to dispirit you is underway, and it’s at full bore. It’s going 150%. These people have a disaster of a convention they’re trying to turn into the greatest convention ever. Obama is pitied. I can’t tell you all the theories. I’ve got people depressed ’cause they think the new iPhone isn’t gonna have anything in it. I’m surrounded by it. And I’m here to tell you, it is September the 10th. There’s two months to go. There’s no way this is over. There is no way.



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