America Must Realize What a Disaster Obama Has Been, Right?

Well, why don’t they blame YouTube? Why don’t they blame Google? Google owns you YouTube. YouTube made it possible. Why don’t they blame YouTube? What the hell is this blaming the movie? They’re blaming Romney because they’re caught. It was just a week ago that they had the news agencies running stories about how foreign policy was not gonna be a factor. Obama had done such a good job of shoring it all up, and Romney’s the guy that came out and looked presidential. Romney’s the guy that came out and looked responsible.

I’m gonna tell you something else. If I didn’t know better — this is the best way I can express what I think here — if I didn’t know better, I would say Obama doesn’t care about winning or losing. This business of not hiding campaign appearances, but broadcasting them, bragging about them in the midst of this — Jay-Z, Letterman, Vegas, raising money, sending e-mails out bragging about having outraised Romney in the middle of this — if I didn’t know better, I’d say this guy is trying not to win this. Now, I know that’s not true. I’m just telling you. Terry, you’re not alone on a island in recognizing this. I just have to think everybody does. Now, how it moves them is another thing.



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