ABC, CBS, NBC Devote More Time (20 to 1) to Romney Flap Than Obama Mideast Mistakes

The Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) Wednesday evening newscasts devoted more than 9 minutes (9 minutes, 28 seconds) to the flap over Mitt Romney’s statement criticizing the administration’s handling of the Libyan crisis but spent just 25 seconds on questions regarding Barack Obama’s Middle-East policy, a greater than 20-to-1 disparity.

NBC’s Brian Williams opened the Nightly News telling viewers: “Romney is taking fire tonight for the way he went on the attack politically…somehow [Romney] wanted today to be about America apologizing for its values, even after it became clear today was about the death of an American ambassador and others.” CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley dutifully noted: “Democrats said the governor had injected politics into a tragedy.” Over on ABC’s World News Diane Sawyer announced: “Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney under fire for comments he made about the upheaval as it was unfolding.”



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