1998 Audio: Obama Admitted Welfare Recipients Potentially a “Majority Coalition”

All right, so NBC went and dug up the full audiotape to verify that it was Obama. Remember, “Angrier” Mitchell, NBC News, would not play the audiotape of Obama saying that he believed in redistribution. They couldn’t confirm it even though White House had confirmed it. The White House said, “Yeah, that’s our guy.” Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, refused to believe it. They had to independently verify. What does that tell you? (laughing) So, anyway, they did, they went through the whole tape to verify it was Obama, and what they failed to report is that at a different point in the tape, Obama admits exactly what Romney said on his tape: Obama’s intention to build a majority coalition of dependence on the state.

That’s what you just heard, a “majority coalition” of welfare recipients. That’s Obama’s constituents, and this is back in 1998. This is many, many moons ago. A little Elizabeth Warren lingo there. Do you realize, by the way, William Jacobson, who’s doing good work at the Legal Insurrection blog, posted recently that she, according to an investigation, had been practicing law out of her Harvard professor’s office illegally. That she wasn’t licensed in Massachusetts to practice law, and she’s admitted it today. It won’t matter because liberals don’t have standards that they’re held to. The law doesn’t matter. All that matters is the intentions. Was she trying to help people? Yeah. She was trying to help people. Was she licensed to practice?



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