17% Fewer Believe US Winning War on Terror Since Obama Inauguration

A recent survey of likely voters finds that pessimism about our success in the War on Terror “continues to grow” with only 45 percent saying they think the U.S. is winning that war, a 17-point drop from its one-time high of 62 percent in February 2009.

Rasmussen found that 45 percent think the U.S. is winning the war, 21 percent think the terrorists are winning, and 26 percent think that the neither side has an advantage. The 45 percent figure has dropped ten points since May of 2010.

The number of those who think the U.S. is winning has been steadily dropping since May of 2011.

Another Rasmussen poll finds that only 18 percent feel U.S. relations with the Muslim world are better now than four years ago.



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