Zero Bounce? A Pessimistic Preview of the RNC

The most hopeful sign for Republicans is that Mitt Romney is sitting on a pile of cash he has not been able to spend yet. Because if they are hoping that the Republican ticket receives a boost from this week’s convention, they may be disappointed–and not just because the first day has been canceled due to weather.

American politics is more divided than it has been in generations–and the American electorate is starting to reflect those divisions, with 9 of 10 likely voters already certain which way their votes will go. The polls–that is, those polls that don’t offer up ridiculous Democrat-heavy samples–have been neck-and-neck, and stable, for the past several weeks. There simply are not that undecided many voters out there to convince, and they are difficult to reach. Romney’s best hope is that undecided voters tend to break for the challenger.



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