Why the Welfare Ad Gets Under Their Skin

That ad is chock-full of truth. They brought it on themselves. Why do it? Now if we’re going to assume that they’re the smartest people around — which a lot of people on our side do, and you may be one of them. You may think they’re so smart they smoke us all the time. They’re always two steps ahead of us. Why undermine what is a major Obama effort, the suppression of the white, working class vote? Because this ad of Romney’s, the more it’s seen, the more it whips them back up.

So whatever success Obama had in ticking them off and making them think that Romney is rotten to the core so they’re not even going to vote, now he just whipped them up into a frenzy. Why do it? Why do it now? Well, you say his ideology made him do it. And I think that’s as good an answer as anything. The Democrats hate the work requirement. I also think something else. I think they believe that there are gains to be made by doing this. There are additional votes from the welfare state for Obama by doing this.

They have to have made a calculation.

Yet they’re still fit to be tied over Romney.

They get the New York Times to go out and talk about how this is the lowest of the low, this ad. F. Chuck Todd asks Romney, “Do you feel like you’re in a race to the bottom?” This ad is nothing. This is not a dirty ad. This is not a negative ad. There’s nothing whatsoever offensive about it, except it tells the truth.



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