Why shouldn’t the government run the big industries?

by Dennis Marcellino –

Socialists and communists would say that ultimately government should run the big industries in a nation. And they say that’s because there wouldn’t be a greed or profit motive and it would be fair to all the people.

There are a few reasons why that’s a bad idea and the conclusions are wrong. And there are proofs that show how that line of thinking fails.

Reason #1: separation of church and state.
You might be thinking, this is a conservative website, and separation of church and state is a false notion anyway. But actually it’s a huge reason why this country was founded by European immigrants. But here’s an important thing to realize: it’s impossible to separate religion from government. Let me explain. Here is what the two basic tenets of religion are: (1) Define morals, and (2) Define existence. Therefore this country does now, and has always had, a dominant explanation of existence and a dominant philosophy of morality. And those two things create a framework from which laws and the social climate emanate. The current religion now is Secular Humanism, and its explanation of existence is evolution, and its philosophy of morality is political correctness. Therefore it can rightfully be defined as a religion. But declining social and economic statistics over the past several decades show that the increasing influence of this religion is based on policies that fail. And it can be proven (and has been in my books The Plague Of Liberalism and THE PROOF that God Exists and the Bible is True) that its morals and explanation of existence (as well as the “science” that is used to back them up) are not in harmony with nature and truth. And a lot of people are suffering as a result of the works of that religion. So if a government were to run the country, it would exclusively dominate with perhaps an inferior religion (as current and recent statistics show is the case now). Therefore there has to be freedom for other more effective philosophies and explanations to emerge. Unfortunately, inferior ones have currently come into dominance by devious means. And now good people are forced to live, marry and raise children in a culture that will tempt them with dysfunction and ultimately cause a lot of harm in their lives (not to mention the disgust and frustration they’ll experience watching it happen).

Reason #2: economics
I really just need to point to the failure of the economies in socialist and communist countries. A seeming exception, China, didn’t achieve success until it turned to capitalist ways. And still, there are large pockets of poverty in China. And under Obama, the economy of this country has greatly worsened, where it might take generations to climb out from under the debt he and the democrats have made (and will continue to make if re-elected).

Reason #3: no incentive
Perhaps the biggest reason why these countries go under economically is because there is no incentive to work hard. There is no reward for giving extra of your time and resources. And if you do work hard, the income just goes to the people who don’t work hard via government handouts. But it is interesting to note that it’s been recently reported that people get jobs in a very short amount of time after their 2 year run of unemployment checks runs out. But they had little incentive to do that as long as the government was supporting them. And another incentive to be giving – Christianity – has been impeded by the “no God” legal stance and moral climate of the mainstream institutions of this culture.

So the bottom line is: government control doesn’t work and is NOT fair to all … especially the innovators, the business growers (from whom the new jobs come), hard workers, and those holding to Biblical morality. Hopefully this country won’t go down further while the population comes around to figuring this out, as they are fooled and confused by short liberal phrases emotionally driven that tend to dominate the air time of the mainstream media. If left to dominate, more and more people will end up experiencing the pain and poverty that most people in socialist and communist countries have. And a recent statistic that says that 40 million people are “addicted.” That’s the result of the morals of the culture. So there already is a lot of suffering, mediocre lives and emotional pain happening due to the pressures and lack of understanding that comes with the politically correct morals of Secular Humanism (as opposed to love and deep fulfillment).

Also, from the conservative perspective, it would be helpful if catch phrases like “big government”, “smaller government”, “good morals” and “freedom” were explained (which I’ve done some of that here) instead of just stated. Without those specific explanations, I don’t think that a lot of people are understanding what they mean and why those concepts deserve their vote.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of The Plague Of Liberalism (which can be seen at www.ThePlagueOfLiberalism.com) and THE Solutions (which can be seen at www.TheOptimumPoliticalSolutions.com). He is also available to speak: www.BiblicalValues.com, where you can also donate to his PAC: Americans for Biblical Values. He also is the author of the highly successful, inexpensive program that guarantees a permanent end to addiction at www.AddictionFreeForever.com.



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