Why NASA Isn’t Big Government

In the first place, I’ve never said that government never gets anything right. Secondly, throughout the course of this program, I have always heralded NASA for the contributions they have made to the advancement of science and the human standard of living, American standard of living. Obama shut it down. Some people told me, Ray, that they didn’t know there were any Muslims on Mars because that’s what Obama’s turned NASA into after this, Muslim outreach. I don’t know how many of the people in the Jet Propulsion Labs got student loans or any of that. I don’t care. None of that matters. They did great work. It’s a phenomenal thing.

I’ve never said that government’s totally worthless, but I can tell you the people running the government right now don’t know what in the hell they’re doing, and this program predates Obama and any of his people arriving on the scene, and we’re just lucky they didn’t shut it down. We’re just lucky that they didn’t decide this trip was worthless, because they’ve pretty much said that everything else about NASA is. They walked away from NASA, gave the money to Solyndra, gave the money to a bunch of worthless so-called green energy. This is an illustration of what government can do right, and I’ll guarantee you, Ray, I’m gonna get some people calling me telling me that I’m a little bit confused, that they’re not that great at NASA, that happens sometimes. But NASA started and really is a Department of Defense program, is where you go to trace its roots, which of course people on the left don’t dig at all.



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