Why Aren’t Dems Exploiting New Orleans?

Hurricane Isaac is dumping rain galore on regions of the Gulf Coast. New Orleans missed a direct hit. No direct hit in New Orleans. Media devastated. Media terribly disappointed. However, there is looting in New Orleans. I have a serious question, and maybe I’m dreaming a little. How many people in that area remember all of the criticism that Bush got? Bush was blamed for Hurricane Katrina.

Folks, I’m going to be very serious with you here. It wasn’t just FEMA and Bush in the aftermath who got blamed for not being there soon enough and not doing enough. Don’t forget that there were civil rights leaders. Do I need to mention the names? Reverend Jackson and the Reverend Sharpton and others were implying that Bush was behind that hurricane hitting where it hit. There were civil rights leaders who said that the Republicans wanted poor people to suffer, to lose their homes because they didn’t like black people. There were civil rights leaders who said that this is what the Republicans do. They have natural disasters and they steer ’em to certain places, and when they happen, they don’t help anybody. And then when people started fleeing New Orleans and went to Texas, the allegation was, “Well, that’s what the Republicans want. They want as many Democrats to leave Louisiana so it becomes a Republican state.” All of that was said.



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