White House Won’t Disclose Cost of Obama’s Promotional Videos

The White House is being very tight-lipped about a staffer who produces videos designed to paint President Obama and his policies in a positive light. Observers note that the videos advance some key themes of the president’s reelection campaign.

Both individuals who have worked as the White House’s official videographer also served on President Obama’s campaign, according to the Washington Guardian, which first reported the story. “And some of the weekly videos,” the Guardian’s Phillip Swarts notes, “match the messages of the Obama re-election campaign ads or the week’s political events.”

The West Wing Week video series, for instance, chronicles official presidential events and “behind-the-scenes” goings-on in the White House. The series was created by Arun Chaudhary, who worked in new media on the preisdent’s 2008 campaign.

Unsurprisingly, West Wing Week looks to paint the president and his efforts in the best possible light, often tying them to recent political events.



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