What You Haven’t Heard About Ryan

It was eight days ago, folks, August the 13th, eight days ago that a CNN reporter by the name of Hamby, Peter Hamby, tweeted the following: “Paul Ryan to Milwaukee Magazine in 2005: ‘I have a sister-in-law who’s African American. My college sweetheart was black.'” Eight days ago. You heard anything about that, Snerdley? You didn’t know that Ryan dated a black chick? And you didn’t know that his sister-in-law was African-American? Well, it’s eight days ago. How come we don’t know this? A CNN guy tweets it, and it dies.

All the while, Obama and Biden and the Democrats are trying to paint Ryan as some big racist, along with Romney. Yeah, they’re big racists. Ryan’s budget, Biden is out there saying, “Yeah, they want to put y’all back in chains.” How come we don’t hear this? We’ve heard everything negative they have on Ryan. I’ll tell you why we don’t hear it is because it doesn’t help the Obama agenda. Pure and simple. Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner’s tweets go all over the world. I don’t know. It’s an unfair world out there.



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