What to Make of Lance Armstrong?

Lance Armstrong. What to make of this? You know, I’ll tell you, ladies and gentlemen. You know me. I think if you wait long enough, you will detect politics in everything. Now, let’s do a quick comparison. When Roger Clemens was accused of doping, the sports media turned on him (snaps) like that. He was guilty. He lied to Congress. They needed to throw him away, and throw away the key at the same time. They were just enraged. I’ll never forget it. I thought Clemens was this beloved sports figure, but when this happened, the media turned on Clemens.

It’ll be interesting to watch the media deal with Lance Armstrong and how they react to this — and it won’t take long. In fact, we got a lot of sound bites from CBS This Morning today. In fact, let’s play those. Let’s get those out of the way. It was Charlie Rose talking to Bicycling magazine editor-in-chief Peter Flax about Lance Armstrong dropping his challenge against charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs.

I’ll tell you, Lance Armstrong is a hero to millions of people. He wasn’t supposed to survive testicular cancer. His percentage chances were in the single digits. He got involved with the doctors, he learned everything he could about it, he overcame that, and goes on to win seven Tours de France and a number of other championships. He has passed over 500 tests of urine, blood, other bodily fluids (“precious” and otherwise). Some of these tests have been random when he didn’t know they were going to happen.

He’s passed every test.



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