We’re Mad as Hell, Why Isn’t the GOP?

We’ve never, ever, had a greater opportunity to teach the American people who the Democrats of today are, who the liberals of today are, what they’re doing. The damage that they are wreaking on this country, we have never, ever, had a greater opportunity, and I’m sorry, Republican Party, it’s not enough to do it every day on talk radio. You’re going to have to do it as a part of your campaigning to win elections. Because you’re going to have to have a mandate when you win elections. You’re gonna have to do some teaching. You’re gonna have to get into some ideology here. The opportunity to contrast who we are with what we’re up against; we’ve got a Democrat Party and a president literally destroying this economy and the middle class. And we have the opposing party still reluctant to frame it properly.

They still want to couch it in the same old traditional political terms and universe. Well, they’re the Democrats, and we’re the Republicans, and sometimes they win, and sometimes we win. And you listen to all the analysts on TV, and you listen to all the strategerists, and you listen to all the pollsters, and you listen to all the political scientists, and they, too, every damn one of them, it’s just another election. It’s the Electoral College here, the state here, the swing state there, this poll over here. It’s about so much more than that. Every election, it is said, “This is the most crucial election in our life.” This one really is. This one really is! The problem with the Republican base voter is they know they get it, but they’re not sure that their party still gets it. And they don’t understand how anybody can’t get it, how anybody can’t understand what we’re up against. We’re in the middle of what’s happening.

If you’re in the middle of a forest fire, and that forest is everything to you, and you know who set it, you know who set the blaze, you know who put it on fire, you, A, want to save the forest, as much of it as you can, and you also want everybody to know who did it. Because forest fires don’t happen every day. They’re not common. This election season is not common. This campaign is not common, it’s not like every other one before. And that’s because of the last three-and-a-half years and what’s happened in this country. You gotta go back to FDR and Woodrow Wilson for things like this, and those two guys were pikers compared to what’s happening here.



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