Tracking the Hurricane with the Media

It is required that we talk about this hurricane. I’m going to walk you through Saturday, keeping in mind I pay close attention (as does everybody who lives here). We were never originally targeted by the eye of this hurricane, but we were going to be close enough to it that we did have to consider whether or not to decamp, to be able to do the program today. Would there be power failures? Would there be loss of satellite uplinks and so forth, making it impossible to do the program?

So we pay close attention (I do anyway) whether or not to put up the hurricane shutters, what steps to take to protect the property, all these things. So I’m eagle-eyeing this thing, and not just like everybody else does here, too. I’m not just paying attention to whatever the hurricane center says; I try to get hold of as much data as I can. With the Internet, there’s a plethora of it.

The model runs, for example, other analysts besides those at the hurricane center trying to tell you what they think might happen, because nobody knows. There’s worlds of data, trend lines. This kind of thing can show you the likelihood where it’s gonna end up six hours from now, 12 hours, 24, 48. But nobody really knows, so you eagle-eye it. Let’s move to Saturday, because that’s when this really all started happening. And keep in mind the reason I’m taking you through this.

The media is now out there saying that Hurricane Katrina is hanging like a pall over the Republican convention in Tampa. So this whole thing has been politicized, as the Democrats politicize everything, and that’s why we are talking about it. Now, I want to remind you: All last week… And, no, at no time here am I alleging a conspiracy. At no time. With none of this am I alleging conspiracy. All last week what was the target? Tampa. What was going on in Tampa this week?



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