The ‘Pay Check President’ Vs. The ‘Food Stamp President’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich drew criticism in January when he accused President Barack Obama of being the “food stamp president,” and eight months later Gingrich continues to stand by his assertion, feeling validated by recent reports about the ballooning food stamp rolls.

During a Friday sit-down with The Daily Caller, the former Republican presidential candidate revisited his “food stamp president” comments.

“I think the food stamp program is a total disgrace. First of all, it is now not food stamps — it is basically cash. So you give people who claim to be poor — and you remember this administration has waived any welfare requirements, so you literally can win a million dollar lottery and still receive food stamps,” Gingrich said, noting the low eligibility standards and potential for fraud. “Yet because we think of it as food stamps, and relating it back to the 1960s and the poverty in Mississippi and people being genuinely hungry, you have to ask yourself, has this just become one more social welfare giveaway dependency program.”

According to Gingrich, calling Obama the “food stamp president” is a good reminder of the choice Americans have this November.

“The average American understands exactly what I am saying. This president has a deep commitment to maximizing dependency in America. He wants Americans to be small and government to be big,” Gingrich said. “And I think ‘food stamp president’ is an easy way to capture what I’ve said all along. And I am hoping Romney will campaign on the idea that he wants to be the ‘pay check president’ versus the ‘food stamp president’ — it captures, in a very simple way, the differences.



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