The Left Politicizes Everything – Including Football

If you’ll just stop and think about it, you’ll know I’m right when I tell you that everything is politics to the left. Everything. There’s not one thing in our culture or lives that they do not politicize. Now, where would this country be…? Stick with me here for a second, folks. Where would this country be without contact sports? Where would we be without, say, the Second Amendment or motorcycles? Pick anything. This is not exclusively about football. It’s not self-contained and it’s not unique.

It isn’t just about football. Football is just the latest iteration of what the left is trying to do. In New York, it’s being done with trans fats and 16-ounce sodas. Before that, it was done with smoking and cigarettes, tobacco and all that. They never ban what produces revenue. In fact, they fund health care programs off of it. But they preach, they proselytize, and they infuse guilt — which is what’s gonna happen here. What this is all intended to do is to destroy individual choice, free will.

This is another opportunity to empower government to get involved in anything and everything. If you are going to proclaim — I don’t care who you are — that football’s broken, it’s killing its players, for crying out loud! That’s a hell of a charge. “Football’s killing its players and it can’t be fixed.” Well, what’s called for? (Meryl Streep impression) “Somebody must do something!” Remember Meryl Streep and Alar? “What are we doing to our children? Huh? Huh?” She was on 60 Minutes.

“What are we doing to our children? We’re poisoning our children!” No, we’re not. Farmers put stuff on there because it makes the apples look better in the grocery store. It’s not a poison. It’s called Alar. No, we had a problem! We need government to come in and fix it. Now we have a problem. Football is killing its players. And in certain places, coaches are molesting the players. (Gasp!) We’ve got to do something.

We had a story the week before last. A woman who is a weird sex expert (according to her resume) wrote a piece in the New York Times actually suggesting that pedophilia in football is connected to brain trauma in kids who play the game early in life. Don’t doubt me about what’s happening here. See, I have the ability to see it, because I’m a student. I see how they politicize everything. I’ve seen it my whole life, and I know that they do politicize everything. That’s how I look at ’em.



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