“Who gets to make the decision about restructuring and redefining the basic cell of the civil order?” asked University of St. Thomas law professor Teresa Collett on a panel discussing the institution of marriage at The Heritage Foundation Tuesday. Is it the courts? Or under our concept of ordered liberty, should it be the people?

This year, voters in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington will see marriage initiatives at the polls in November. Americans in all 50 states will see marriage head to the Supreme Court and be redefined in the Democratic party platform.

“We have heard repeatedly [that] this is the year that marriage is going to lose,” explained Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund. But the media has gotten it wrong in the past. Most recently, in North Carolina, pundits expected same-sex marriage to win, but instead voters chose to uphold the union of a man and woman by a margin of 61 percent.

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