The Facts of Ryan’s Medicare Plan

All right, folks, I just saw during the break at the top of the hour a story that says that every Democrat congressional race this November will now be run against Paul Ryan. Do you remember, I think it was New York 26, Kathy Hochul, the Democrat who won that race? I think it was New York 26. The number doesn’t matter. It’s a New York House race, and it was a Republican district since the dinosaur days, and the Democrat won the race. County clerk Kathy Hochul, all she did was tell people that Paul Ryan’s budget cut Medicare. That was her entire message. The Republicans up there took for granted that they were gonna win the district, win the race, and they didn’t know how to react to it, typically because they weren’t focused on the problem and the ideas of it all and they assumed that this woman had no prayers, the county clerk, and she ended up winning.

So the Democrats now think — and this is why the conventional wisdom crowd is afraid of Ryan. The Democrats now think all they have to do is tie Paul Ryan to ending Medicare just like Kathy Hochul did, and they win every congressional race. That’s what they’re planning on doing. This is from James Pethokoukis, our old buddy at the American Enterprise Institute. “Three Things Every Voter Needs to Know About Paul Ryan’s Medicare Reform Plan — in 100 Words. Number one: No one over the age of 55 would be affected in any way.” Did you know that? You knew that. I’m asking you, Snerdley, ’cause you think this is a guaranteed win for the Democrats.

You are sitting there scared to death that all they gotta do is bring up Ryan’s Medicare budget, and that’s it for us. Well, there’s no reason to be on the defensive over this. That’s my point. Just stick with me. I got these sound bites from Meet the Press coming up. This is my whole point about why we need ideology in the campaign on the ticket rather than nebulous smears and how to fight them and so forth. It’s always frustrated me. We’ve got facts on our side. Ryan’s budget doesn’t destroy Medicare. There’s no excuse for the Republican Party ever to allow that to be believed, in a congressional race, in a presidential race, or anywhere else. No excuse whatsoever, because it doesn’t.



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