The Democrat Convention Will Target Rush

Folks, next week, the Democrat convention. Bill Clinton is apparently gonna be the huge star. There are a bunch of big Democrats that are not showing up. Pelosi apparently isn’t going. Dingy Harry, nobody knows for certain if Dingy Harry is gonna go. Hillary Clinton is not. Hillary Clinton’s gonna be on the other side of the world. Hillary Clinton’s gonna be in New Zealand or Australia during the Democrat convention. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near there. She’s probably worried what will happen if, you know, Bill hits on Sandra Fluke. I mean, that could be embarrassing.

Let me tell you what’s gonna happen next week, in part. They’re gonna have a real tough time demonizing Paul Ryan. Not that they won’t try, but they’re gonna have a very tough time. And after the stories that were told all week long about Romney and his character and his charity and his selflessness, demonizing Romney is gonna be a tough thing to do. So I want to warn you, don’t be surprised if they zero in on me, among other people that they try to demonize. I think that’s a given, and it may well be, those of you, either Rush Babes on our Facebook page, our Twitter, stand by, because you may be activated next week. We may send out the secret decoder ring the signal to put you into action.

The only reason I say this is this next sound bite. This is last night on CNN, The Situation Room. They had the former green jobs czar on, Van Jones. They were talking about Mitt Romney’s faith. Speaker after speaker after speaker came up at the convention last night to testify to Romney’s faith and his character. So they bring Van Jones on.



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