The Bigotry and Racism of MSNBC

I have enforced on this program a ban of any audio sound bites from MSNBC. And as time goes on, that decision is justified more and more. I mean, it really is becoming a sick and depraved place. Now, I am not going to play any sound bites from this place, but I am gonna tell you about them. The singular focus of MSNBC for the past six days has been racism. There’s one subject that they’re talking about: racism. The racism of Romney; the racism of Ryan; the racism of every speaker at the convention; the racism of the Republican Party; the racism of every Republican and conservative. It’s all they’re talking about. It’s laughably hilarious, except to them.

They are totally invested in it, and it reached a point yesterday of total absurdity. Lawrence O’Donnell decided that he heard blatant racism in Mitch McConnell’s speech to the convention. Mitch McConnell made a reference to all the golf that Obama plays and said, making a lighthearted joke, something about the fact that he’d be better suited to be trying out for the PGA Tour. To that, Lawrence O’Donnell at MSNBC, who was one of the writers of The West Wing, and, up until he started working at MSNBC, actually had a good reputation on the left… It’s like Chris Matthews once used to be a revered figure, a respected political analyst. Now these people have lost it. I mean, they’re worse than in the tank. Their minds have been corrupted. They have actually become perverted. It’s as though there’s a poison eating away brain cells. They’re becoming hysterical, nonsensical.



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