The American Dream as Described by Marco Rubio is Real – But It’s Under Assault

That’s it. In a nutshell, parents want a better life for their kids than they had themselves. That’s the point of parenthood, and America is what made that possible. Every generation was that way. And now we’ve gotten to the point, we’ve reached a point in our generational evolution where increasing numbers of parents don’t think it can happen anymore. Parents today, with their kids still living at home, with mountains of student loan debt, do not see how their kids are gonna end up doing better than they did, and it’s ripping their hearts out. And we’ve got a political party that wants people to believe, “Yep, that’s the new norm. Those days are over. We gotta deal with the reality here. The economy that Bush left us with is so bad, we’ve thrown everything we’ve got and it and it defies being fixed. This may be the new norm.”

We have a political party and a president who want people to think that Marco Rubio’s story, that never really was real anyway. That’s just a bunch of folklore of an America, but the real America is all these people that never had parents like that, never helped their kids get ahead, and that’s who we gotta make good for. It’s perverted, and that element of the American dream is what’s under assault right now. They want more and more people thinking that that’s no longer possible here.



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