Swing Voters Have Been Driven Insane

There’s a piece that’s interesting here, I had it in yesterday’s Stack and didn’t get to it but I held it over. Daniel Foster. Let me just read excerpts of this to you. “Yesterday afternoon on the seventh floor of a nondescript glass office tower on the fringes of downtown Tampa –” this would have been Sunday afternoon “– I sat in a dark room behind a two-way mirror and watched the one-and-only Frank Luntz put a focus group of 23 ‘swing voters’ through the paces.

“What I learned: Americans are worried. About a lot of things. It was a two-and-a-half-hour session, but I’ll give you a for instance. Americans are really worried about education: about cost and competition from abroad, about kids who mortgage their futures by forgoing college to work, about kids who are too lazy to work and hide away in college. They think we need better teachers. They think we need better parents (‘There should be parenting courses!’).

“They think we need to hold educators more accountable. They think we need to leave educators be. They think critical- and creative-thinking skills are the most important. They think we should stick to the three Rs. We should learn from Asia. We should reject the Asian model. There was agreement, at least, that we should do more of the things that work and less of the things that don’t. That, above all, things should be better, and everyone needs to do everything to make them so. And the children, always the children.”
The children are the number-one concern.



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