Stephanie Cutter Lied About When She Heard the Story of How Soptic’s Wife Died

Stephanie Cutter. These people are lying through their teeth when they say that they didn’t know the details of Soptic’s story. Yesterday morning on CNN Starting Point show, they had Stephanie Cutter, Obama’s campaign manager… By the way, there’s another aspect to this. And I don’t think it would amount to anything but it’s real. That is the question of coordination. By law, the campaign can have nothing to do with the super PAC. But the campaign has run ads with this guy. There have been two ads featuring Soptic.

One Soptic ad was run by the Obama campaign. The other one, the “Romney Killed My Wife” ad, was run by the super PAC. There’s supposed to be no coordination. But people who have analyzed the video notice Soptic’s wearing the same shirt in both ads. His hair is the same length, same glasses. His official, union guy hard hat is in both ads. It looks like they’re both done in the same place. So people say, “Maybe these two ads that aired months apart were shot the same day.”



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