State-Run Media Equates Romney Welfare Ad with the Despicable Obama Murder Ad

The State-Run Media is now equating the Romney welfare ad to the Obama murder ad. And there is a school of thought, because the Romney welfare reform ad accusing Obama of taking the work requirements out of it….

That’s a marshmallow ad. And yet the Regime is over the moon, fit-to-be-tied angry about this ad. Now, one of the schools of thought is that getting mad at Romney’s welfare ad gives cover to the “Romney is a murderer” ad. Anyway, you’ll hear members of the mainstream media agreeing that the Romney welfare ad is just as bad as that murder ad.

This is yesterday and last night, a montage of various media figures from the Drive-By Media, equating the Romney welfare ad with the Obama murder ad. Now, one thing: This Romney ad on gutting welfare reform, accusing Obama of taking the work requirements out of it, they really are excited by this. They are just livid over this ad. And it can only be for one reason, and that is: It’s the truth. That’s what sends liberals and Democrats into orbit, is when you tell the truth about them. That’s why they didn’t like the Swift Boat ads. That’s why they didn’t like the Willie Horton ad. And the reason they don’t like the welfare reform ad that Romney is running is it’s true.

Because it’s a marshmallow ad.



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