Shameful Media Spins, Shills and Race-Baits the GOP Convention

Last night, with the help of my colleagues Tony Lee and Warner Todd Huston, we tried our best to cover the corrupt media’s worst moments during their coverage of last night’s GOP convention. With an eye on cable, the broadcast networks, Twitter, and the Web, in real-time we documented what we witnessed and you can read it all below.

What it boiled down to, though, was exactly what you would expect from a hopelessly corrupt institution determined to drag a failed president over the finish line: Unconscionable race-baiting, cynicism, and the use of Hurricane Isaac to selectively ignore some of the conventions best moments for the GOP. For instance, CNN refused to broadcast speeches given by Republican governors in crucial swing states. You’ll also read how ABC News released a hit poll just as Ann Romney took the stage and NBC’s Brian Williams opened the night with RAPE!

With few notable exceptions, what we didn’t cover was the openly partisan media. We don’t care what MSNBC, The Huffington Post and Talking Points Memo do. Unlike the so-called mainstream media, those outlets are at least open about their biases. They might be sexier to cover in the department of outrage, but millions more people are being duped and propagandized by those who wield a phony shield of objectivity as a partisan weapon.



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