See, I Told You So: Obama Says He Wants to Repeat Auto Takeover in Every Industry

Have you heard Obama? He said: “I want to nationalize other industries just like I did General Motors and Chrysler.” Yeah. He didn’t just come out and admit it, he came out and advocated it. He suggested it and talked about how he could do it and “save” other industries like he has “saved” the automobile industry.

Folks, he’s serious. Barack Obama is serious. “I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs. Not just in the auto industry, in every industry.” Does that mean, for example, that Obama…? And you watch, by the way, if anybody on television picks this up. It might have happened last night. Today. On the Sunday shows or next week, if anybody on our side on television engages to have a serious discussion on it and to take Obama at his word, you watch how they’ll be pooh-poohed.

You watch.

“Come on! Do you really don’t think Obama meant he wants to take over every industry? Who are you? You’re just another right-wing maniac.” That’s what he said: “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs. Not just the auto industry, but every industry. The auto industry came roaring back. GM is number one. I want to do the same thing.” He’ll argue, “I didn’t mean taking it over. I want to offer my unique brand of fixing it. My unique way of fixing it,” but that’s not what happened and that’s not what he means.



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