Ryan’s Masterful Speech: A Fireside Chat With a Nation in Crisis

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a politician connect with a nation quite like Paul Ryan did it tonight. Ryan has the simple charisma of sincerity. It helps that he is adept at explaining complicated subjects in clear, concise language. But there is something more there, a skill that I’m not sure can be taught or rehearsed. It’s a way of relating to the world, to other human beings–even family and intimate friends–through ideas. Through reason.

It’s a form of leadership we rarely see. In 2008, Barack Obama impressed pundits with his intellect and rhetoric, but beyond his high-flown hyperbole, much of what he offered was mere sophistry. Obama is a man of words, not ideas–of letters but not leadership, as Ryan pointed out tonight. Ryan’s own ideas are not only substantively better but also seem more deeply felt, more passionate and authentic–without trying too hard to be so.

Ryan’s commitment to ideas includes respect for ideas with which he disagrees–which is different than Obama’s skill in reciting (or distorting) opposing arguments merely to undermine them. During the Occupy protests in the fall of 2011, Ryan surprised many conservatives by declining to criticize them, defending their rights to express their views. It was a “safe” answer–but it was not a dodge. It was fundamental to who Ryan is.



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