Ryan Articulates Conservatism Naturally

I have Paul Ryan with the second most famous CPAC speech ever. Well, I take it back. Paul Ryan with the third most famous CPAC speech ever. The first was Ronald Reagan’s, then mine, and then Ryan’s, third most famous CPAC speech ever. I want to read to you the opening of his CPAC speech. And, by the way, Cookie, you should get me this ’cause Snerdley, you got me ticked off here. “What about Ryan destroying Medicare?” Yesterday on Meet the Press, Rachel Maddow — you know who Rachel Maddow is? She’s the queen bee of MSNBC. She is said to be the most articulate, the most brilliant spokesman, commentator, analyst that the left has on cable TV. So she was on Meet the Press with Rich Lowry of National Review, who destroyed her on Medicare cuts. She had no answer for the fact that it’s Obama who cuts Medicare $710 billion in Obamacare. She had literally nothing. It was a demonstration of how this can go.

Anyway, back to Ryan’s CPAC speech. “There are those who say that modern society is too complicated for the average man or woman to deal with.” And that is being said. That’s the whole premise of liberalism. You’re incompetent. You can’t manage your own life. You’re not smart enough. You’re not able enough. You’re not competent enough to make the right decisions in your life. “There are those who say modern society is too complicated for the average man or woman to deal with. This is a long-standing argument, but we heard it more frequently after the mortgage credit collapse and financial meltdown in 2008. They say we need more experts and technocrats making more of our economic decisions for us. And they argue for less ‘political interference’ with the enlightened bureaucrats … by which they mean less objection by the people to the overregulation of society.

“If we choose to have a federal government that tries to solve every problem, then as long as society keeps growing more complex, government must keep on growing right along with it. The rule of law by the people must be reduced and the arbitrary discretion of experts expanded…” So you buy into this complexity argument, you are automatically buying into “only government can fix it.” And as the complexity increases and it gets tougher and tougher — do I eat trans fat or not? Now they’re saying buttered popcorn, microwave buttered popcorn causes cancer. Well, that’s complex, all of these threats that exist to staying alive. We need competent people to make these regulations and decisions, ’cause you can’t. And all that means is that government must continue growing right along with the complexity. So therefore the advocates of complexity, this argument, are advocates of bigger government. Now, here’s the payoff.



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