When the roll is called at the Republican National Convention this week, Ron Paul will not be nominated for president. But for a few hours on Sunday, his supporters got to celebrate as if the “revolution” was headed to the White House.

Thousands packed the University of South Florida Sun Dome for the “We Are the Future” rally, billed as an attempt to “assemble champions of constitutional conservatism.” Paul was introduced by his son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, capping an afternoon of political speeches, musical performances, and lessons in libertarianism with a passionate but meandering keynote address that clocked over an hour.

This is likely Paul’s last campaign. The Texas Republican is leaving the House after twelve terms and has signaled he won’t run for president again. But his parting message to supporters was they represent the future of the GOP. “Don’t beg to be let into the big tent,” he said. “We will become the tent.”

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