Romney to Tour Hurricane Damage Today; Obama Has Yet to Visit

When the week began, and the Republican National Convention bore the unfortunate burden (again) of coinciding with a hurricane near New Orleans, some thought that it was inevitable that President Barack Obama would upstage challenger Mitt Romney–not by campaigning, but by visiting areas affected by the storm, quietly reminding voters that he is still President, and drawing an implicit comparison with George W. Bush.

Yet somehow Obama spent the week campaigning, at rallies and online, while Romney, who only yesterday accepted his party’s nomination for the job, has beaten Obama to the scene, and will visit hurricane-ravaged communities in Louisiana today, the Hill reports. Obama had all week to visit affected areas, but did not–and the media let him off the hook. (Apparently hurricanes are only policy failures if Republicans are in power.)

Unlike Sen. John McCain’s clumsy and disastrous decision to “suspend his campaign” in the wake of the financial crisis of Sept. 2008, Romney’s trip to New Orleans projects command, confidence and leadership.



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