Romney and Ryan Take on Medicare

Medicare is like everything else in this country: It is threatened. Its existence is threatened. Medicare, if nothing changes, is bankrupt in 11-1/2 to 12 years. For two days essentially what we’ve been trying to get across here (with some of the other things we’ve discussed, of course) is that it is Barack Obama and the Democrat Party who have cut Medicare. It’s gone. Well, it happens as Obamacare’s implemented, but it’s done if it’s not repealed.

They’ve cut $741 billion out of Medicare. Now, on one hand there are some of us who say, “Damn right! We can’t keep spending on these entitlements. We’ve gotta do some cuts.” On the other hand, the argument is: “Wait a minute! I’m fed up with being lied about here. We’ve actually got a plan that saves this program. People have had it promised to them. They’ve oriented their lives and their retirement around it just like Social Security.”

So for two days, trying to hammer home a simple fact, and it still may not work. That’s what Brit Hume is asking Ryan. Look it, you really think you can win on this? All the polls suggest that everybody thinks you guys cut Medicare, that you cut Social Security. Howard Dean said nobody’s going to believe the Democrats cut anything. Let them say it. A simple, unarguable fact that the media will not report, that they will not accept. I’m a little nonplussed over this. I never thought… A lot of things happen I never thought would happen. But to have as a major objective, to have people accept a simple fact. That’s a very hard thing to do.

This team, Ryan and Romney, have admittedly bitten off a huge chunk here. This is a major project they’ve got. And all it is, is a simple fact. It’s as true as two plus two is four. Obama cut $741 billion out of Medicare, and there are people who will not believe it simply because Democrats don’t cut. Democrats care about people. Republicans don’t. That is etched in the American fabric for so many years now. Anyway, that’s why I like the pick. It has to happen at some point, folks. And those of us on the radio can’t do it alone. It has to be something that the party and the movement and the nominees are willing to carry forward. And they are. But it still has me amazed that it’s this hard. And maybe it isn’t. We’ll find out.



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