Protesters Occupy Obama Campaign Headquarters, Issue Demands

In what appears to have been a coordinated action Thursday evening, Occupy protesters in Portland, Oregon and Oakland, California staged protests and have occupied the offices of Obama campaign headquarters in both locations.

A hostage negotiator is said to be speaking with a small group of protesters who, arms linked, locked themselves inside the Oakland office. It appears they may have entered the building during normal operating hours but have since remained inside beyond the office’s regularly scheduled closing time. Police have been on the scene and were arresting the protesters at the time of this writing.

One notable protester — Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran (pictured above) who was injured and hospitalized during a clash between Occupy Oakland and law enforcement in October 2011 — voluntarily left the building after the Oakland protesters were given a thirty minute warning tonight to leave or be arrested. Several of those who were arrested are said to have done so voluntarily. Olsen joked on Twitter that he felt a desire to urinate inside a police car.



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