Politico Equates Obama Attacks with Romney Self-Defense

Politico is on the warpath for the “high-minded campaign.” At least that’s what they’d have you think; their lead piece tonight is “Death of the high-minded campaign,” lamenting the supposed lack of decorum of both the Barack Obama campaign and the Mitt Romney campaign.

There’s only one problem: equating the two campaigns is egregious propaganda on behalf of Obama.

The fact is this: the Obama campaign has been despicable, nasty, and false. The Romney campaign, which is now fighting back, ought to be fighting mad about it. But when the Romney campaign evidences any passion or anger, Politico’s there to quash it, citing civility. Just check out this pathetically biased coverage:

The elevated presidential campaign of ideas, fleetingly achieved after months of mudslinging, died Tuesday.

It was three days old … by Tuesday evening, it was clear the 2012 campaign has resumed its regularly scheduled attacks — and even intensified them.



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