Pelosi: GOP is the E. Coli Club

Romney wants to poison the water. Pelosi said Romney wants everybody to get E. coli. So the Republicans want to poison the water, they want to poison the air, and they want arsenic in the water. Pelosi says the Republicans want everybody to get E. coli, and the Democrats have been using this “Robin Hood in reverse” business since 1995. They must think it works. And maybe it does. They must think it works.

Here’s Pelosi yesterday. She was near here. Did you know she was in town? She was in Boca Raton. She came in and she did a fundraiser for Lois Frankel, the mayor of West Palm Beach. I ran into Lois Frankel once. You remember the story? We’re out to dinner here at the Palm Beach Steakhouse, and Lois Frankel is there. She’s the mayor of West Palm Beach, former member of the Florida legislature. She was big in Bush-Gore 2000.

She was best buds with that Florida Supreme Court justice, Barbara Pariente. She was all over television during Bush-Gore, you know, mouthing the Democrat line. Now she’s mayor of West Palm Beach. So we’re all in there. I’m with another couple, so maybe four people at our table. Mayor Frankel’s over there at a big circle table of ten, and I forget how it happened, but she wanted a picture.



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