Obama’s Plan to Eliminate Suburbs

Stanley Kurtz has an article adapted from Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. And he’s very blunt about this. I have the book as a powerful, influential member of the media. My book is right over there, Spreading the Wealth. I have a copy. “President Obama is not a fan of America’s suburbs. Indeed, he intends to abolish them.” Now, Kurtz believes that this is an excellent way to campaign against Obama, that you don’t need to be Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. You just need to tell people that live in the suburbs that no matter what they are, Obama’s coming for ’em, that he has been raised to believe that it was flight from the cities that led to all of the horrible economic conditions, the rotten schools and all of this that plague America’s cities.

It’s all about people fleeing, wanting a better life, and leaving behind their poor neighbors about whom they cared nothing. How basically the suburbs are made up of a bunch of selfish, greedy people who don’t care about their fellow man. That’s how Obama was raised. And, indeed, it is what many leftists believe. And I have to tell you, folks, the constant push by Democrats to get us into mass transit is all about destroying the cities. Let’s take a look. In California, Moonbeam Brown, the governor, is intent — what are they, $16 billion in debt? $16 billion state deficit, right? Maybe even higher. And what are they focusing on? What is one of Governor Brown’s primary objectives? This bullet train, a speed train from nowhere to nowhere.

Why? Mass transit. And the key word in mass transit is “mass.” As far as liberals are concerned, leader liberals, central planners, we are the masses. I remember Reagan I think in that famous Goldwater speech in 1964 made a point of saying how much it offended him to be considered a member of the masses, that we don’t have masses in America, that we are made up of beautifully, wonderfully free individuals, pursuing happiness and liberty. That we’re not a nameless, faceless conglomerate. We’re not “the masses” under state control. And yet this is the dream of the American left. That’s what Kurtz is writing about. Mass transit. I mean all these light rail trains, every time I see one there’s hardly anyone on ’em. Mass transit cannot support itself in most cities. There’s no interest in it. America still has its love affair with the automobile.



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