Obama’s Iowa Photo Ops Backfire Repeatedly

Sometimes Barack Obama’s fabled charisma just isn’t enough. On a three-day tour through Iowa to shore up support for his campaign, Obama made a stop each day that turned out to be fruitless.

Day 1: Des Moines.

Obama visited the Iowa State Fair so he could see the fairgrounds’ famous Bud Tent for beers. A great photo-op was set up; Obama buys a round for beer-drinking buddies who can chortle “four more beers!”

But wait; Mike Cunningham II, the third-generation owner, was not happy; the tent had to undergo a full Secret Service sweep of the area, which meant he was out of business for two hours, costing him roughly $25,000 in revenue, which Cunningham called making a “campaign contribution against my will. I wouldn’t have voted for him before. I won’t again.”

Obama wasting other people’s money for a photo-op? Who’d dream of such a thing?



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