Obama Got Worst Grades in Harvard History – and It’s Up to Him to Prove He Didn’t

I got on the phone with somebody who said they went to school with Barack Obama at Harvard. And the guy told me that Obama got the lowest grades that any Harvard graduate ever got and that a bunch of professors gave him B’s and C’s when he didn’t even show up to class. And then he hung up. Now, this guy from Harvard said that Obama had the lowest grades anybody ever got at Harvard, had professors that covered for him and he wasn’t even there. I said, “Can you show me any proof of this?”

“No, no, no,” hung up the phone. It took all of a minute. I’m corroborating it now. I’m telling you now. So I am calling on Barack Obama to release his Harvard transcripts, based on this call. I got a call from a guy at Harvard who claimed that Obama’s got the lowest grades out of anybody who went there and didn’t even go to class sometimes, and the professors covered for him. It’s up to Obama to prove it. The allegation’s out there. It’s up to Obama to prove it. I got this call from Harvard, and the guy — he sounded smart — said he went to Harvard. He knew enough to call a phone number that would get to me. This guy found a way to get to me.

He said, “Rush, this guy got the lowest grades that anybody ever got at Harvard. And he didn’t even go to class a lot of times, and he got B’s and C’s.”

So the allegation’s out there. (interruption) What do you mean the burden is on me to prove it? I don’t have to prove anything here. Look, the burden is on Obama. He’s the one that I’ve alleged got the worst grades in the history of Harvard. It’s up to Obama to prove this. It’s up to Obama. So we need the transcripts, and while we’re at it, I wonder if I could get a call from somebody at Occidental and maybe I’ll get a call from somebody at Columbia, and maybe I’ll get a call from somebody that attended an Obama lecture on the Constitution at the University of Chicago who will tell me that he never even taught the Constitution. What he taught was subverting it and overthrowing it according to the way Saul Alinsky said to do it. But there it is. Lowest grades ever in Harvard, never went to class. Well, a lot of times got covered for by the prof. I got a call.



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