Obama College Tour: Calling the President’s Bluff

“You know, maybe we should call his plan ‘Romney-Doesn’t-Care’ because I do care. I do care,” President Obama said in his speech to Iowa State University on Tuesday.

Have you felt cared for these past 3 years? I sure haven’t.

The President is embarking on a college tour this week in a desperate attempt to regain the support of Millenials. While students receive an earful of political bologna this week from President Obama, my advice to my generation is this: Call the POTUS’s bluffs.

The President’s main selling point in Iowa on Tuesday was the fact that young Americans will be able to stay on their parents’ healthcare plan until age 26. He highlighted that under his legislation, 7 million young American’s now have health insurance.

This is the same legislation that will increase college student’s health premiums by as much as 1,112%. Whoever picks up the tab—be it schools, parents, employers, or individuals—will be paying significantly more money.

Under the Affordable Care Act, young Americans are used to pay for the health insurance plans of their elders. It currently costs those nearing retirement 5 times more on average for health insurance than those under 30. The Affordable Care Act forces young Americans to pay higher premiums to make it so retirees are only paying on average 3 times more—meaning a 45 percent price increase for young Americans.



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