Obama: Close-Minded Economic Bigot

The media and their cherry-picked economists are doing their best to dumb down the unemployment picture. They predict a hundred thousand jobs will be created in the month, and we get around 160,000, and they run around and say “better than unexpected.” They’re all happy, and they’re looking at this through the prism of Barack Obama’s reelection. Anything they can do to cover up the bad news or lie about it and make it appear to be good news. The United States economy, this economy — sometimes I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall. Sometimes I really wonder if spending all this time on economic news makes any sense anymore.

This economy should be growing by hundreds of thousands of jobs every month. If this economy is to roar back, if we are to have a genuine recovery, if we’re to get back to some semblance of where this nation is in terms of the rest of the world and the economic engine that drives it, we’re talking 400, 500,000 jobs a month that must be created just to stay even before we even talk about any growth. They’re out there doing handstands over 160,000 jobs, and that number’s likely made up out of whole cloth because of a computer algorithm. This is the worst so-called recovery after a recession in modern American history. We are talking about the American economy here. This economy is the engine of the wealth of the entire world.

We sit here, we analyze a couple thousand jobs here, a couple thousand jobs there, a tenth of a percent increase or decrease in the unemployment rate, and we’re told what to expect when. And it’s all just a game. Everything is just a game to the elites that report this stuff, that calculate it, that disseminate it. We need to be growing by 400,000 or 500, even 600,000 jobs a month, coming out of a recession. That’s what’s standard. That’s what’s normal. This isn’t even a recovery. We’re nowhere near a recovery. There’s no strengthening going on. More and more people are becoming more dependent each day on the government. The welfare rolls — or the dependency rolls — are growing; they’re not shrinking. And that growth is being promoted and advertised and sought by this administration.



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