Obama ‘Causes More Misery Than Natural Disasters’

With Hurricane Isaac headed toward the U.S. Gulf Coast this afternoon, radio host Rush Limbaugh said President Obama is tied to more misery than caused by any natural disaster.

“Name for me one thing that kills more people than natural disasters?” Limbaugh asked rhetorically.

While his staff threw out answers including obesity, eating carrots, heart disease and jury verdicts in Los Angeles, Limbaugh explained:

“There’s one thing that kills more people than natural disasters, and that’s poverty. Poverty kills more people than natural disasters. Poverty has always been a killer. Why worry about it otherwise? Now, who has done more to increase poverty in this country in the last four years?

“Barry. The One. The Big O. You could say that President Obama has been tied to more misery than people in natural disasters. I mean if you wanted to be real about it. Of course, that’s being critical of Obama and we’re not supposed to do that, because, of course, that’s racist.”



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