As you all probably know by now, as of this morning, President Obama had no scheduled plans to visit Louisiana — the state hit hardest by Hurricane Isaac. That is, until newly minted GOP nominee Mitt Romney announced immediately after his convention that he would visit the storm-ravaged area. Romney’s there now as I write this and not long after his trip was announced, liked a jilted suitor on the chase, President Obama announced he would squeeze in some time for a similar visit.

Obama obviously didn’t care about visiting Louisiana because it can do nothing to help his reelection bid. Obama is nothing if not mercenary when it comes to holding on to power, so why visit a state stupid, racist, and misguided enough to give Romney all of its electoral votes.

But as he’s done for the last 20 days; today, Romney out-flanked Obama, announced his visit, and forced Obama into a defensive crouch where he had to change his selfish plans.

Bottom line: This morning, Mitt Romney led and President Empty Chair was forced to follow.

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