No Matter What Anyone Says or Doesn’t Say, the Election is a Referendum on Obama

There are people who are not jazzed by this convention. They haven’t been jazzed about it since it started on Monday. And a lot of them can’t put their finger on why. Now, when it comes to Governor Christie and the keynote, for people that are old enough to have made a tradition or habit out of watching these things, the keynote is where you go for the other guy’s jugular. That’s traditionally what the keynote speech at a convention has been in recent years.

Rudy Giuliani did a keynote for McCain, and it was a good one last year. That’s the one where he laughed about Obama being a community organizer. I think a lot of people had expectations that’s what’s Governor Christie was gonna do last night. He didn’t do it. And, as such… This is just a wild guess on my point. But for those of you who are disappointed — and there are many of you who aren’t. There are a lot of you who think this is just fabulous and wonderful.

That’s good, too. I’m not trying to talk anybody out of anything, nor into anything. I think the reluctance on the part of the convention to go after Obama equates to a perception that there’s no leadership — and people want leadership. There was a lot of hope that Christie was gonna do that last night. And he chose to go another way. Now, the criticism of Christie, I think, is also a little baseless in this regard. “He didn’t mention Romney’s name for 17 minutes!”



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