New ‘Broke Party’ Emerges in Chicago: ‘We’re Neither Democrat or Republican–We’re Broke!’

Just as the Tea Party was born on the streets of Chicago just a few years ago, there’s a new rumbling taking place again. This time, in one of Chicago’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods.

This past Thursday, in the North Lawndale neighborhood, local activists announced the beginning of the new “Broke Party.” About 30 local residents of the North Lawndale neighborhood came out to support the new movement. Mark Carter, Chairman of the Broke Party, and Paul McKinley held a press conference behind an abandoned building in dire need of repair.

A Happy 51rst Birthday banner to President Obama hung on the dilapidated porch with a message, “Violence need a job… …Mr President.” Both argue that Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s new initiative to spend money tearing down similar buildings could help stop the violence if he would use the available funds to go towards repairing the buildings instead. This, Carter says, could create as many 1600 new summer jobs, while at the same time saving and increasing the stock of good housing for residents in the community.



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