National EMP Awareness Day

Ever hear of National EMP Awareness Day? Most of your leaders in Washington haven’t either, and that’s why all of us may be in grave danger.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack constitutes one of the single greatest threats to modern national security. Typically triggered by a high-altitude nuclear warhead, an EMP can damage unprotected electronic devices, disrupt communications, and permanently destroy American infrastructure. The 2008 Graham Commission lists a host of likely outcomes to a successful strike: planes falling from the sky, cars stalling on the roadways, electrical networks failing, food rotting—the list continues for pages.

Yet very little has been done in recent years to prepare the U.S. for an EMP attack, even as the likelihood of that attack from rogue regimes and terrorist organizations has increased. Since 2008, five separate bills have aimed at bolstering American preparedness for an EMP attack, but none have made it out of committee. Even military installations, most of which had been EMP-hardened during the Cold War, remain vulnerable because of their reliance on unprotected commercial technology, such as GPS satellites.



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